We just wanted to say a massive thank you for your 3 day soccer school this half term, Joshua absolutely loved the experience and really enjoyed the coaching.

Joshua, came with his friend and had “the best time ever”. He was totally in awe of the fact that a real footballer was there to sign him in, and that you talked to everyone as if you were a normal person.

He said it was a brilliantly run and very organised course and that everyone was made to feel welcome and everyone was involved all the time and it was much better than training with his own club. He said it was better than his training sessions, which happen to be with his mum who is his U9’s coach!!

Victoria Turner, Parent
The coaches were excellent, they seemed to have a great rapport with all the boys. When I turned up early to collect Tommy , I witnessed a really happy environment as if the boys had all been together for months and not just 3 days. Tommy seems to have grown in confidence in this short space of time.

Tommy Smith’s presence for a large chunk of the time and meeting other Ipswich Town players was a real bonus for him too.

Tim Burrows, Parent
I’ve played alongside Tommy for a number of seasons now. He’s a top professional who sets very high standards for himself and others both on and off the pitch. This is why the Tommy Smith Soccer School will be a great opportunity for aspiring young players to enjoy their football and develop into better players.
Luke Chambers, Ipswich Town FC Captain
The Tommy Smith Soccer School will be an ideal place for young players to learn new skills and develop their footballing prowess. Having played with and against Tommy for most of my career, I can say that the knowledge he has of the game will be of great benefit to any youngsters willing to improve their game, and have fun whilst doing it.
Chris Wood, Leeds United FC and New Zealand.